Google Stadia is my Gaming go too

So Google Stadia is a year old. As an early adopter, indeed a founder, of the platform how have I found using it?

In short, it has been brilliant! I am not a hardcore gamer by any means so I guess those that are would likely look at Xbox or PlayStation offerings however, Stadia has a unique advantage. It can be played just about anywhere, anytime on a ton of devices.

OK so I must admit the platform did not get off to an auspicious start with slow uptake of users and in the most part lacklustre titles. But, and this is a big but, it worked. As advertised. No downloads. No waiting. Instant play at your fingertips. Wherever you wanted to play (internet permitting).

So my favourite games so far have been rediscovering the Lara Croft adventures and Sniper Elite 4. Currently, I have as part of my £8.99 per month subscription I have the choice of 31 games to play across a wide range of genres. Now I won’t get to play them all as I only play a couple of times a week but it’s great to have the choice? Right?

The controller that came with the package is great and comfortable to hold even for long sessions – it has a reassuring but not too heavy a weight to it. The buttons and joysticks are tactile and responsive. Overall the controller is just well made!

Game streaming is here to stay. And it is the future.

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