Mac’s Big Sur Falls Short*

*this article is based on my experience using a beta version of Big Sur on a 2013 Macbook Air.

My ageing Macbook Air had started to show signs of weariness so with no little trepidation I decided to try the beta version Apple just announced as Big Sur.

The Apple Keynote version you can watch here:

Whilst we must recognise that this a beta version of the OS so not the finished article there really is not much change from the previous version called Catalina.

There has been a refresh of the side bars in most of the applications such as iPhotos and now transparency through some of the navigation bars is present. This does represent a lick of paint over the previous version but not much mote than that.

Now Apple are famed for their interoperability between devices, this remains a big draw for Apple enthusiasts and “normal” consumers. Owning an iPhone 11 Pro and a Mac I can attest that some of that is true but it is far from perfect.

Messaging for example, or more accurately iMessage, does not sync at all, despite much research into curing the problem. I also mentioned in a previous post about Apple’s slow iCloud services especially around photos. Inexplicably my snaps appear on occasion quicker in my Google Photos app than on the official iPhotos app – go figure!

In conclusion the upgrade did not make my ageing Macbook work faster, actually quite the opposite as it has now slowed to a crawl. Nonetheless I still like experimenting with hardware/software combos but it’s back to my beloved Chrome OS!

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