My iPad Arrives – Part One

This is the first in a series of my 2020 IPad Pro impressions and observations.

On 24 March Apple announced the new iPad Pro to the world and whilst those users who already owned the 2018 upgrading was probably not worth it but for those, like myself, who did not own an iPad it was too tempting not put the order in. So I took the plunge after much research and contemplation, not least in relation to the size (either 11” or 12.9”) and if the Magic Keyboard was worth the investment.

I took delivery 2 weeks ago and wanted to outline my first impressions, in a series of articles to come, highlighting the good and bad for my user case. Everyone’s mileage will vary according to what they need to achieve with the device but I hope I can give some insight on the experience I have had.

I am possibly more in line with who Apple is targeting the iPad for as I work predominately in a web browser rather than with fully fledged applications such as photoshop and the like. After owning Chromebooks since 2011 moving over to the Apple eco system was a big shift starting with my recent iPhone purchase. However it made sense to get the full experience.

In my experience unboxing Apple products is a delight and this was no exception. Attention to detail even with something simple as a box can prove

As with Chromebooks you get up and running with an iPad pretty much instantly. My first reaction when it did get up and running was the screen. It is gorgeous and fantastically smooth with the pro motion technology. The Liquid Retina display at the 11-inch size really pops.

One of the main reasons I chose the 11” was to giver me the ability to actually use it as a tablet which is something it’s bigger sister cannot do. Yes you do lose screen real estate but the balance of the best of both worlds – tablet and laptop – means you get more out of the device. I certainly don’t notice that the screen is small although my main user case as a writer might not highlight as much as someone who uses it to edit videos for example.

Construction is as you would expect of Apple (recent keyboard woes aside) with top materials and finish. It makes you want to use it over other devices. Unless you have used one for any length of time its difficult to explain.

So as I take this journey of discovery I will go into further detail on my user case, hardware and apps I use daily. And finally the big question – can it replace a laptop full time?

Stay tuned.

7 Replies to “My iPad Arrives – Part One”

  1. Glad for this; I’ll be watching for your posts.
    I was all-in with Apple: iPhone and iPad as my computer. But my iPad Air 2 got replaced by a Chromebook. As a blogger/writer I needed a good keyboard, a bigger display, and proper text selection. Also needed a real web browser to customize my WordPress theme.
    So, as you write about your set-up, I’m interested in: keyboard performance, track-pad text selection, Safari browser compatibility with WordPress, also the WordPress iPad app. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Jason I will certainly touch on these important points a I too love to write. Heads up though Safari on the iPad is the real deal not a mobile version anymore. Game changer!

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      1. I heard Apple made iPad Safari work more like a full web browser and do wonder how much more capable it is. The one sticky point was customizing my WP theme on the previous mobile version on the 9.7″ display. Too difficult at best. Mostly fell down and I’d return to my Windows PC then.

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  2. Oh, also how “lappable” is the new iPad with Magic keyboard? I would use your set up as a laptop first, tablet second. And for the money, would a MacBook Air be better?

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  3. One more thing…I’m now curious how Apple Pencil works for text selection. If you have the Pencil, I’d like to learn about it. As a writer, can Apple Pencil be better than the new trackpad or even a mouse for text selection/editing?



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