Well Hello iPhone

I took a chance. I was nervous that I had made a mistake. But I needn’t have worried.

After being an avid Android user for many years (Nexus 5x, Pixel and Pixel3a — review here) I decided with the latest release of Google’s flagship the Pixel 4 to switch to the iPhone, specifically the iPhone 11 Pro.

My Pixel 3a from last year

Big investment. Even as new from eBay.

So my initial thought of switching and the phone itself. Well, I like to end on positives so I will begin with the negatives….

Android is a fantastic OS, especially when paired with Google hardware. The combination of the two is the best in the Android space with no bloatware, timely updates and patches (unlike other manufacturers — looking at you Samsung et al). You have some special features in that OS that are lacking on the iPhone. Multitasking being one.

Whilst I was never a big user of this feature it did come in handy to have two apps on the screen at once which is not possible in iOS. I prefer a smaller screen anyway so this not a big deal.

Customization of the home screen is where I have really missed the Android experience. To be able to apply screensavers, different app configurations, and even different launchers. Along with the App drawer for those that you don’t need on the Home screen. I hope this, or a variant of it, comes to iOS14.

For now, that is it. Only those two things. This might change of course over a longer use time but right now I do not miss anything else.

So far so good.

What I love most about the iPhone so far? Fluidity. The grace in which you can navigate the UI. The gestures moving from one app to the other are snappy and accurate with the animations delightfully utilising the thousands of the seconds they take to load.

Apps themselves are better deployed and run smoother than on Android — I guess this has something to do with the developers no having to adjust code for a myriad of different handsets and OS skins.

If you add in the gorgeous display, terrific build and superb audio you can see why the 11 lines have proved popular in all its variants.

One final thing to mention. The cameras. They are fantastic. Having the option of ultra-wide has proved to be a great inclusion by Apple (I’m looking at you Google). Some examples –

Taken with my iPhone 11 Pro

Even the camera app itself is a joy to use with its intuitive interface which helps get fantastic results even for an amateur photographer such as myself.

So do I regret switching? No, I don’t. Not for one minute actually.

One Reply to “Well Hello iPhone”

  1. Nice take. Timely OS updates on iPhone are a great thing. Fluidity is something I noticed this year when I went from iPhone 7 to a moto g power then back to an iPhone 8 Plus. iOS is very fluid. My moto g power did have an ultrawide camera that I enjoyed more than I expected, so I look forward to that on my next iPhone. But I’m also liking my 2x camera – it can zoom in while shooting video!


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