Hello iOS…..again

So as of yesterday I ordered an iPhone 11 Pro and I cannot wait to start using it.

It was a straight shoot out between the Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro and despite my reservations on price, after weighing up the pros and cons against the 4XL, there was only one winner and here is why I think Apple nailed the 11 series.

To me there is no greater value in a mobile phone than the battery. You can have all the latest and greatest tech in the world but unless you have a good battery then they count for nothing. Despite the fact that the Pixel’s have an “adaptive battery” setting where it learns your habits over time quite simply the batteries in the Pixel 4 line up are not good enough especially in a smartphone approaching a £1000 for the XL variant. Also due to this battery issue, the 4XL is only just acceptable and I do not like big phones, the Pixel 4 isnt even worth considering as it will not even last a day on my usage.

Allied to this obvious mistake from Google there are other failings in its offerings such as no ultra wide camera. Is this a deal breaker in isolation? No it isn’t but when added to the weak battery, only 2 years of guaranteed updates, fragmented apps and the only a viable handset that is to large for my tastes the choice became clearer.

Privacy, or perceived lack thereof also concerned me. Apple has made a big play in ensuring everyone knows how secure their hardware is. My new tech combination of an iPhone and a Chromebook might just be the best variant in combating cyber issues – as long as you use the correct services!

I will miss my stock Android experience though as it has many things going for it and the Pixel line is the best iteration of the software. 

So why the iPhone 11 Pro and not Samsung, OnePlus et al?

In two words – software updates. Outside of iPhone and Pixel devices software updates and more importantly security updates are hit and miss. In this day and age these are incredibly important attributes – not just to smartphones but tech in general.

Couple that with amazing battery life, fluid OS, perfect size and incredible camera the iPhone seemed the best choice for me. Whether I can get my Chromebook and iPhone to interact well together we will have to see otherwise I might have to get an iPad Pro to replace my Pixelbook (I am not a fan of Mac laptops) – this will be an interesting part of my shift of OS on the phone side of things.

I will post a user experience once I have had my new piece of tech for a few days so stay tuned!

One Reply to “Hello iOS…..again”

  1. You’re right – we both have restless tech syndrome (RTS)! I’m so glad to be back using an iPhone again. My 8 Plus is nice. And it’s making me lean towards trying an iPad again… I plan to keep my Chromebook for the 5% of work I need it for, doing the other 95% on iPad plus Smart Keyboard… I think having my expectations tempered, I will enjoy the overall benefits, keeping all in perspective.


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