One Year On

A tech enthusiasts journey

A year ago I wrote on Medium that I was suffering from tech paralysis. You can check that post out here.

So how have I fared in the year since I published that article? Well, my set up is much the same with my laptop being a Chromebook (a Google 2017 Pixelbook) but my phone has changed from the iPhone 5s to a Google Pixel 3a. The iPad was sold to help fund the purchase of the Pixelbook.

Certainly of all the changes that were difficult selling the iPad to fund the Pixelbook was the most difficult. I still miss my iPad in many ways but the beauty of the Pixelbook makes up for in spades especially with the keyboard being the best I have experienced. As with all my new tech, I will be writing a review shortly.

The Pixel 3a (my review here) has been a solid investment and continues to impress me especially given the reduced price point compared to its more expensive rivals. Having said that I am tempted by both the Pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 Pro even though both are far more expensive to own.

One of the reasons I became confused with so much choice was due to my battle with privacy and the constant reminding of Google’s failure in this area compared to Apple and Microsoft. Allied to Apple’s improvement in its offering — although not in its pricing — makes sticking to integrated Operating Systems incredibly hard.

So finally I have settled, despite my privacy reservations, on immersing myself within the Google ecosystem. The services offered by Google are second to none and under pressure from the rival tech companies, they have started to give their users more control over what is shared. I also discovered a new app called Jumbo (take a look at the playstore here) which gives you granular control on all apps including Facebook, Twitter and Google services.

What OS are you embedded in? Leave your thoughts below.

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