Hello 2020!

Well here we are – the start of 2020. A new decade. What will this year have in store for us?

Time for some predictions methinks….

Chrome OS

I think 2020 will be the year of breakthrough for Chrome OS. Overall it has matured into a fantastic operating system for most people and with an avalanche of new and exciting hardware the choice will be even greater. Only over the last couple of days at CES we have seen launches by Asus and Samsung as well a Chrome OS tablet from Lenovo – something I am excited to try out. Check out the guys at Chrome Unboxed for their reviews and thoughts.

We might also see a Chrome OS phone out this year – at least in concept form!


Android advances will continue with minor upgrades this year. I think the days of huge changes have gone. The rumoured Pixel 4a will turn out to be a winner for the purists and will sell reasonably well.


The big battleground for all the tech companies will be the ability to win the hearts and minds of users when it comes to privacy. Although this battle has been raging for a while and we will see an intensifying of the tools being given to users.

Traditionally this is an area where Google has struggled as they mine their users data for adverts if you are using their free tools like Gmail. Up until now you could not upgrade your personal Gmail account to a paid account (that you would find with their G Suite product) but I think this might change. I believe Google will allow for a paid version of personal accounts thus removing the adverts and data mining without the need for a paid domain and the hassle of migrating photos etc to a new account.


The Tech world has had a hard time grasping what was needed to be implemented in terms of Health & Wellbeing. Whilst there were some valiant efforts from both Android & Apple to me it never seems to have hit users as well as they had hoped.

I think in 2020 we are going to see leaps in the medical and health world which will make using these services more attractive.

What do you think is going to be big in 2020? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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