Going all in with Google

It has been a long time coming but at last I have decided to go all in with Google.

A bold statement maybe but I have frequently been on the cusp of moving elsewhere – Apple maybe? But having now purchased a Founders edition of Stadia and picking up my dream job with a Tech firm specialising in G Suite has cemented my relationship with Google.

I still have concerns regarding privacy and will ensure that my settings reflect that wherever possible but in the end it is a trade off of functionality and convenience against my data being used against me.

One way round this is of course to upgrade to G Suite itself instead of the free version. The basic cost for the year is less than O365 so it makes sense? It does really with the basic tier at £4.20 plus the cost of a Domain at £10 for the year approximately depending on what you choose.

Using tools such as Docs makes writing, an ever increasingly important hobby of mine, a delight with functionality pared back to only the required amount and ease of use for saving documents which happens automatically – no need to get bogged down in technical detail…just write.

Coupled with the ever expanding list of useful third party add-ons and web centric applications such as Gravit Designer (an online Illustrator clone with a brilliant free tier) to Grammerly which helps me be a more accurate writer!

Chromebooks help to make things so much easier to do. For example I am writing this blog on my Acer R13 which in turn is connected to a new 27″ Acer monitor, Brydge Chrome Os keyboard and left handed jelly comb mouse. And it all works and connects, seamlessly. No having to re-load settings or play around in menus, just plug (or connect) and play.

Now with Play Pass coming to the Play Store for the UK very soon gaming, along with Stadia, should be well catered for!

One Reply to “Going all in with Google”

  1. I’ve gone all-in with Google (was all Apple) and it’s great, privacy concerns considered. Even my wife left Windows for a Chromebook! I’ve never considered G Suite though. I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing.


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