HTC (one) M8 Review

Let me start by explaining my background with tech which I hope will give you a greater insight into this review.

As a former Blackberry and Nokia owner I have recently owned and enjoyed iPhones since 2007 (and subsequently iPads, a Macbook and I still have an ageing iMac) but recently have felt bored and frustrated with what I perceived little change or innovation and a burning hole in my wallet from staying with the Apple ecosystem. So I took the plunge and went “to the darkside” and purchased under a 2 year contract my first Andriod phone – the HTC One (M8). This decision was further prompted by my purchase of a Toshiba Chromebook in June (more of that in a later review!).

So did the switch work out?

Firstly the look and the feel of the HTC is sublime – it oozes class and style along with a reassuring well built quality. Sure its a big phone – for those with smaller hands maybe worth looking at the HTC One Mini 2 but for me it works perfectly.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – the screen is important! The HTC comes up trumps here as well with a gorgeous colour palette and great viewing angles. Text is crisp and clear although when reading emails and texts I wish the font was a little bolder therefore making it easier to read.

Battery life is good – I have yet to get close to running out and I would consider myself a reasonably heavy user throughout the day.

Camera on first use looks really good with crisp images and a ton of features that I haven’t yet fully explored at the time of writing.

As a newbie to the Android OS I found it very easy to adapt with the OS being intuitive and fun – I’ve not had this much of customisation available to me before and it can be quite overwhelming. The switch from iTunes to Google Play Music was slick and easy with just a little patience required to get chosen playlists and albums downloaded onto the phone for offline listening.

All in all I am really pleased I made the jump – not only is their heaps of customisation of which I have barely scratched the service it’s seamless interaction with my Chromebook far exceeds anything I ever achieved with my Apple products.

Thanks for reading.

originally posted 22 September 2014

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