Toshiba Chromebook 2 Review

Having done a short review on the first Toshiba Chromebook last year, I thought it was only fair to do a more in-depth analysis of the second version of this laptop.

To be clear, I love Chrome OS  – to coin a phrase “it just works” and it works really, really well.

I have the full HD model with 4gb of ram built in.

Having had the first version (my wife is now a Chromebook convert so she is enjoying the Chrome OS experience) I thought I knew pretty much what to expect – boy I was so wrong! The most striking thing about this laptop is the screen – it is simply stunning. For work, I have a Surface Pro 3 and the screen on my Chromebook is as equal, if not better, than the Surface.

The keyboard is is responsive and has, for me, the right amount of travel. The trackpad also is well built however it is not glass so might feel on the cheap side when compared to some other laptops however I get along with it just fine. Build quality, in general, is very good for this price point with only a little flex in the body – and it is extremely light in weight.
Connectivity is well catered for with 2 USB ports (one a 3.0), HDMI and SD card slots. One neat design trick Toshiba did was to ensure the SD card fits flush within the casing so nothing to snag when you are out and about.
Battery life is good – I have worked all day without charging having multiple tabs open at once although I would advise turning the brightness down a notch to ensure you don’t run out of juice. Surprisingly the speakers are very good, they are located underneath the keyboard, so watching You Tube etc is fine without headphones.
I have read other reviews suggesting that performance had suffered from the 1st gen Chromebook – I cannot say I have experienced this myself and have had multiple tabs open including playing video and music. The laptop syncs effortlessly with my Android phone using Apps such as Pushbullet, WhatsApp web service and Spotify to name a few!
All in all £279 for this piece of kit is a steal and me, for one, highly recommend it!
Originally posted September 2015

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