Project Management vs Outcome Management

The Art of Project Management.

Project Management is a tricky thing. You balance the needs of the client with the restrictions of your organisation. How do you satisfy both demands?

Defining the desired outcome is key and is often overlooked. Here at Romax, we use several tools to achieve great Project Management ranging from our own bespoke Management Information System (MIS), which enables triggered communications throughout the entire project, through to traditional conversations!

 “Successful Project Management: PLAN, EXECUTE, EVALUATE Sounds simple, but most projects aren’t well planned nor are they evaluated well. The tendency is to jump right into execution and as soon as execution is completed (which usually isn’t soon), move on to the next project without evaluating what happened on the present project and what could have been improved. Successful project management requires more front and back-end resources (and less middle) than are usually allocated” – source unknown

Question: Should Project Management be renamed Outcome Management?

Answer: Yes!

 Clients generally expect great service as part of the service, however, they don’tprojectmanagment.jpg often expect their partners to ask “what are you hoping to achieve?” or “what is your minimum conversion rate and ROI?”. You can only deliver a successful project if you meet, or better still surpass, the client’s desired end objective.

So when sitting down with your clients ask yourself this –

“Is what I’m doing or about to do getting us closer to our objective” – Robert Townsend


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